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Wood Burning or "Pyrography"

Woodburning Tools, Technique & Raw Material

A Short History:
The word Pyrography, is of Greek origin, "pur" meaning fire and "graphos" meaning writing, which then easily translates to our more common name of "wood burning". It is the process of drawing a picture on a piece of wood, by burning lines into the surface of the wood in various shapes and intensities, with a soldering iron type tool. The longer you hold the wood burning pen on the surface of the wood, the greater the charring, thus the darker the colour and the more depth you add. In the old days they used just a piece of heated metal to add patterns to their furniture.

Here are a few suggestions, and How-To ideas to make your wood burning or "pyrography" career a success, but first visit my list of 11 Do's and Don't for pyrography success. It is intended to not only extend the life of your tools but also the survival of your fingers.

Also on line, we've added a few ideas on what pyrographic machine to purchase, what wood burning pens make sense to purchase and how to keep your wood burning tools clean for extended life and greater artistic accuracy.

You may want to read up on how transferring patterns to your wood burning blanks doesn't have to be all agony... and last but not least have fun checking out the artwork of all those that have gone before you.........

Sue Walters Pyrographic ArtistPyrographic Artists:
You can't do too badly if you spend a few hours and run around the web drooling over the many artists that specialize in wood burning art. Sue Walters, an international recognized in fine art pyrography and wood burning of wildlife is not a bad place to start.

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