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Woodworking Techniques:

This is the section of our website devoted to share different ways of using wood, and a list of tips and tricks that I have found useful... actually to be honest it is mostly tips and tricks that my customers have shared, and I've taken a few moments to post them here for all to enjoy.

If you have something to share or add, or some recommendation, take a few minutes out of your day and email me all your ideas. I'll put them up for all to enjoy..

Intarsia is the art of cutting up little pieces of different coloured woods and re-assembling them jigsaw puzzle fashion into a shape or picture. I've added in this section all the info you need to get started with this form of woodworking.

I must admit I'm no expert in veneering, in fact I was hoping to take a few classes this fall, but recently found out that the woodworking school I hoped to attend has closed... but here are a few ideas that I have come across... this will have to do until another place of higher education has been sourced.

I do have some absolutely spectacular veneers so this is a "must have" skill to acquire. If you have ideas on what I could use this for, then PLEASE send them along. I might even share some of my stash in exchange for your help.

Woodburning or Pyrography:
Pyrography is the art of using a hot pen to burn decorative patterns or pictures onto a piece of wood. An extensive array of patterns are available for those that have no drawing skill but love woodburning as their woodworking passion.

more to be added as time allows.. Karen


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