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We don't guarantee the absolute accuracy of all this information, but we have tried our best to provide information that is both helpful and interesting. We hope it appeals to the curious and the serious.

At our store in Sudbury, we have over 600 hobbyist customers that make everything from outhouses to violins, some world class carvers, and multiple turners and wood burners of national recognition. We ask lots of questions. This information is their shared knowledge. Thank you to each of you.

For Intarsia info, box making, woodburning or pyrograhpy , wood veneering suggestions, or buying woodworking tools use these links.

You can participate....... share your experiences and helpful techniques with others that enjoy working with wood. E-mail your ideas and we will post a page for all to read.

  Thank you for your input.

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Have fun working with wood!

If you would like to see what wood we have in stock use these links: softwood, hardwood & exotic wood. We specialize in small short boards for the crafter.

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