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for marquetry, box building, even skateboards

walnut veneered wooden box

Using exotic wood veneers is a great way to turn a normal woodworking project into an exotic piece of fine artwork. And its easy. We have all the instructions.

Try a sample box of fine wood veneers, find an old iron in the local flea market, and start experimenting with the technique. It really is as simple as gluing it down to a piece of plywood, and trimming the edges. Check out our page on -- how to work with veneers -- for some great suggestions.

None of our veneers are paper backed so you can say, glue a burled walnut crotch veneer to a solid piece of walnut and the seam line becomes almost invisible. You now have a solid piece of exotic wood to incorporate into your next small box.

For the more experienced, we have a selection of veneers sorted by wood species ... links to:

Click here for Hardwood veneers for sale

Click here for Exotic Wood Veneers for sale

Have lots of fun.. Karen

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