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Intarsia Woods: selected for particular texture or colour

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All woods on this page are selected because they have an unusual colour or figure, that is effective in creating a particular texture for intarsia artists.

Sometimes the cause of the figure can be worm related, or contrasts between sap and heart stock, so please expect this irregularity.

They are not meant to necessarily be pretty... see specific descriptions below
Mixed Canadian Hardwoods -all 3/4" thick
8 species included, Basswood, Ash, Walnut, Cedar, Grey Pine, S.Maple, Cherry & Birch
minimum: 1x6x12" or 1x3x24"
designed particularly for the Intarsia Artist or small craft maker that is looking for an inexpensive way to build a collection of multi coloured woods.
# scr2400 Can$45.00 add this product to my shopping cart Jan 2007