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Bubinga Lumber
for Guitar bodies, jewelry boxes & wine stoppers...

Bubinga wood can be an amazingly wavy-figured exotic wood, sought by guitar makers and small box builders alike... often referred to as an African rosewood, although technically NOT from the rosewood family.

The Tree:(Guibourtia tessmannii)
The bubinga tree can grow to heights of up to 100' and 3' in diameter and grows mostly in parts of West Africa, Cameroon and surrounding nations. With trees this large they can produce quite wide and long lumber. In fact I just had a customer in the shop yesterday talking about one bubinga board he'd seen on sale for the small sum of $4,000 that was 35" wide and 16' long.

Bubinga Wood Description:
Can have mult-shaded, interlocking or wavy-figured bands of colour in various shades of red with distinct purple overtones, in the more exotic samples, and fine, linear grain with greater colour consistency in the balance. Colour does darken with age.

It is often referred to as an African rosewood, although technically NOT from the rosewood family.

Weight: 24 lbs. Per cubic foot.

If you are lucky enough to get bubinga lumber with no visible sap pockets then you'll find it an easy wood to get a great finish with a rich luster. The sap pocket when present can cause some localized glue up or finishing issues.

It handles in much the same way as with maple, but harder again and sometimes includes sap pockets that can cause localized glue up or finishing problems.

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